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Jan. 28th, 2013


New Year, New Expectations, New Dreams, Blah Blah Blah

So, it's a new year...well...kind of, and I just wanted to make a note of some things I'd love to do this year:
-Things I want to do artwise:
---work on interior spaces
---work on perspective
---work on comics
-I would love to be healthier and lose my extra weight.  This is MUST this year.  I'm tired of being....well...tired of this crap.  Started my ellipticle work again.
-Do daily mediation and yoga again. 
-Stick to a routine.
-Hike Unicoi State Park.  Supposedly has gorgeous trails, but they are very rigorous.
-Go to one of the naturist resorts here in GA.  MOAR NACATIONS!
-Figure out how to make a feral Obi-Wanz plooooooshie.
-Paint the house.
-Start a decent herb garden.
-Progress in my religious path.

That's it for now.  Good start, I think! 

Apr. 30th, 2012

pixel blink

Mountain Road, Take Me Home

My husband and I recently went on our first ever vacation WITH our dogs!  We went to Amicalola Falls State Park in the North Georgia Mountains and stayed in a cabin in the park.  It was gorgeous the minute we got there, and I think all four of us fell in love instantly.  Strife and Ammy both started howling instantly when we entered the cabin which of course meant that they instantly got clipped to their long leads and taken out to go potty and sniff around.  Our cabin was on the bank of a small creek that runs through the park, and Strife (our collie/GSD mix) quickly figured out that he liked water...A LOT.

While we were there, we hiked all but two of the trails in the park.  Ray and I have been wanting to have more active hobbies, and this was a WONDERFUL start to that.  The trails were all of at least "moderate" ranking on difficulty, and they all differed so much from each other as far as terrain and plant life were concerned which I thought was really unique since they were all in the same park...not like Amicalola is THAT big of a park either.  Of course we saw the lower and upper observation decks of the Falls...in fact we hiked to the top of the Falls.  Let me tell you, that'll damn sure make you appreciate a view more than just parking there would.

Anyway, life is good.  Things have been stressful the past couple of years, but Ray and I are making the best of it, and we're trying to implement good life changes.  We joined the Friends of GA State Parks program so that we can go to more of Georgia's wonderful State Parks and have a good, fun, active summer!

Apr. 5th, 2012

sweet dreams

Turning Over A New Leaf

For those of you who know me or watch me on FurAffinity/etc., you know that I've had a rough time of it lately.  For three years, it seems like my life has been full of the deaths of family and friends, illnesses striking people I'm really close to, and just generally terrible shit.  Good news is that I've made some good changes, and they're working out for me and my family.

As much as it hurt, I cut quite a few people loose.  It came to my attention that there were several people in my life who did more harm to me than good, and it was best to let them go.  The drama wasn't fun, doing it wasn't fun, but not dealing with constant manipulation, anger, and jealousy that was being directed at ME or people who I care for is worth it.

I've kept up with an exercise regimen, and it's working.  Last year, Ray and I bought a NordicTrack etrainer, and I've been really good about using it.  On average, I use it three times a week for thirty-five minutes a day.  Six days a week, I walk the dogs for two miles.  Ray and I are also eating healthier and engaging in more active hobbies.  We both feel soooo much better for it.

We're also cleaning up around the house, fixing up the yards, and just bettering our little patch of happy in general.  The roof is fixed now, new medicine cabinets installed, new light switches, and we're going to try to pick out granite counter tops now that Lowe's has come out to measure them.

Anyway, so far, so good!

Feb. 1st, 2012

pixel blink

Tryin' This LJ Thing Again

So, obviously, I deleted my old LJ, and it was for various reasons...several of them dealing with the drama I'd had to deal with last year and just not wanting to deal with all of the shit.  So, I deleted it because I'd essentially quit using it anyway.  But, I figured I would start a new one because I want a way to keep up with my beloved friends and to explore my interests a bit more.  This year is not going to be WASTED on bullshit.  I intend to have a good time and enjoy it, and that includes exploring the creativity and information sites like LJ have to offer. 

This journal will have filters.  Not sure what they will be, but I'm not willing to deal with drama and BS anymore, but I'm not going to completely friends lock my journal unless I have to.  We'll see!